}); Why Exactly Did God Create Man?

Why Exactly Did God Create Man?

Question: Why Did God Create Man?


To understand why God created man, we must endeavor to return back to the scripture to search it out. Humans are not accident to creation. God planned man before molding and breathing into him. There is no such truth as coincidence in the creation of humans it was divinely orchestrated by God. The intention however, is something everyone must endeavor to search out. Because when purpose is not known as often said, abuse is inevitable.

Without the understanding of this, man will keep livingly abusively to God. His whole intention would be misunderstood and his plan for man would be frustrated. God had a plan before venturing into creating man. There was a set piece man was created to undertake before his appearance on the scene.

Before man was formed God said, “…. Let us make mankind in our image to be like us….” Genesis 1:26. ISV. (Paraphrased) Very importantly this must be noted, if we must understand the intents of God’s heart for creating mankind. Man was originally created to be like God to act like God and to represent God. We are created to communicate his love, care and tenderness.

Right from the book of the beginning, we never see God as oppressing and intimidating or trying to exercise his sovereignty on an helpless creature. He was never at any point depicted from the scripture as a King or Lord governing over some insignificant entities. Rather we read of a God who loves and cares for us and has given us the privilege to live like him, a wonderful paradise to dwell and to bring glory to his name. He gave us power and dominion over all the earth and all that he has by his hand created. He gave us freewill and his creative ability so as to continue with the work of creation. And by this man has brought glory to god by the many great inventions God has granted man wisdom to create.

God didn’t create man and left him to survive by himself, he creates time for man by coming down to fellowship with man in the cool of each day. Adam and Eve enjoined his wonderful company at the beginning. He made man to be like him because he wanted fellowship with him. Most importantly therefore, we must understand that a quality relationship with man is the motive behind the creation of mankind.

Quiet unfortunate in the course of time, man lost this sweet fellowship with God. Adam and Eve were beguiled by the devil, telling them there was something more fulfilling than a sweet communion with God. So man fell and became subject to times and seasons.

Interestingly, God wasn’t caught by surprise at the happening. There had been a second plan in place should incase man abuses his kindness and the relationship he had with him. We may choose to call it a rescue plan, for man to be restored back to this place of relationship.

God sent his son. Jesus our savior, to shed his blood on the cross, a price for the atonement of our sin. That if we come in genuine repentance, we’d be restored back to this place of fellowship or relationship with him.