}); Who Was Absalom?

Who Was Absalom?

Question: “Who Was Absalom?”


Absalom was described as the most handsome man in the bible, Absalom was the third son of the great king David of the Old Testament . His mother’s name was Maacah the daughter of Talmai the king of Geshur . he was fierce, avengeful and full of subtility. His beauty however is one reason many cannot get pass him unnoticed. He became so popular in his days, that he led many rebellious act agains his own father. Even though his life wasn’t as perfect, his character from the scripture is worthy of note and close examination. It is essential to draw important lessons from his life and conduct.

Absalom had a sister called Tamar, who became an object of lustfulness to his other half Brother Amnon. For a long time Amnon brooded over the thought of having his half-sister for a long period of time. But then Amnon’s friend Jonadab came in and gave him counsel as to how he would go about having his half-sister. Amnon took the counsel, went ahead to pretend that he was sick and requested that Tamar his sister should be the only one to come minister to him according to the counsel of Jonadab. She came ministered to him and then, he did the abominable. Amnon raped Tamar his half-sister, and then suddenly she turned into an object of hatred to him. He sent her out in shame, because he had accomplished his lust on her. 2Samuel 13:1-22. For a space of two years, Absalom was mute, he never said anything to anyone about it, except that he comforted his sister and kept her under his refuge.

After two years had passed, he had a sheep sharing party in his estate, and invited all the kings household to come grace the occasion, but David knowing what kind of a son he had in Absalom quietly declined the invitation. But as Absalom insisted that Amnon must come with the other king’s children, David could not stop Amnon from going because Absalom was pressing hard on him. David consented, the party was already on, there had been a plan on ground to revenge Amnon’s wrong of two years. Men were already set on ground to cut down amnon’s head at the command of Absalom. As merriment was on suddenly, Amnon’s head was chopped off by the men Absalom had set in place. Everywhere was deserted, news got to David that all his sons had been murdered by Absalom. Until Jonadab came in to set clarity to the news that it was only Amnon that was killed in revenge for raping Tamar Absalom’s sister.

Absalom also had a terrible ambition of dethroning his father David during his life time so that he would become the king of Israel. His plan was aided by the rebellion of the tribe of Judah against David their king, they at some point began to harbor recentment against David and Absalom took advantage of that to win some of the people to himself in order for him to achieve his ambition. David had to flee for his life at some point because it seems as though Absalom was becoming successful with his plans. David fled from Jordan to Mahanaim in gilead. Absalom was anointed king at Jerusalem so he set out on a battle with his father in the wood of Ephraim, but suffered a great defeat. As he fled from the battle front, his long hair was entangled on a tree, the horse on which he rode ran out from under him and that was the end of his life. Even though david his father never wanted him dead he couldn’t prevent the judgment of God upon his rebellious son. 2 Samuel 16, 17, 18, 19.

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