}); Prayers Against False Accusations

Prayers Against False Accusations

Have you ever been lied against?  Falsely accused of things you didn’t do?

It’s nothing new if you find yourself in such a situation, even Jesus Christ was falsely accused of blasphemy. It’s really painful to hear lies being told about you, your reputation being ruined or even worst but it’s more painful if you allow false accusations take the better part of you or affect your christian life.

If you find yourself in such situations, the best thing to do is to allow God takeover the situation. Bring  your burdens to him in prayer and see him take away your pains.

Pray these prayers against false accusations

1.Numbers 14:28; O Lord, let every voice of accusation be silenced now by fire in Jesus Name.

2. Isaiah 8:9; In the name of Jesus i scatter every evil association meant to accuse me falsely by fire

3. Psalm 143:11; Abba Fater, arise and rescue me out of the troubles of my accusers in Jesus Name.

4. Isaiah 8:10; In the Name of Jesus Christ i command every counsel, counseled to accuse me to scatter now by fire in Jesus Name.

5. O Lord, let every word of accusation spoken against me come to nothing now by fire in Jesus Name.

6. Psalm 147:6; Lord, cast every wicked accuser away six feet belw the ground by thunder in Jesus Name.

7. Psalm 10:12; Lord, lift your right hand of power to lift me out the reach of my accusers now in Jesus Name.

8. Numbers 14:28; Abba Father, let all that the agents of accusations took from my life, marriage, career, job, business, ministry e.t.c be scatter now in Jesus Name.

Thank you Abba Father for answers to prayers in Jesus Matchless Name. Amen.


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