}); Mother in Laws: Defination, Roles and More

Mother in Laws: Defination, Roles and More

A mother in law is a woman to whose child one is married to. This particular way of acquiring parents is quite interesting. From the point of engagement to the end of your lives as God preserves your marriage, this people remain a key part of your life. Their lives, ethics and believe in most cases, you must have to adapt to if there must be peaceful co-existence between you both. And there has to be, because this category of people to some extent determines the success of your marriage to their children either male or female.

Mother in laws are quite interesting people to come across. And some of them can be very funny most times, as many of them believe they still have to remain part and parcel of their children’s lives even after marriage. Many of them will refuse to let go because they believe marriage will bring about a separation between between them and their children so they do everything possible to prevent or be a part of it. But as the Apostle Peter in the scripture admonishes the man to live with the women according to knowledge, I believe this rule could be applied to dealing with mother in-laws, since they still fall into the category of women.

However, there are different kinds of mother in laws, the good ones and the bad ones. It will be an injustice to assume all of them are the same. As faces differ so the heart of all human differs. But as a result of some people’s experience, they have come up with the conclusion that all of them are the same. Such conclusion is evidently an unjust one. Using your experience to sum up all humans as the same is simply ignorance. Apart from marriage, we meet people in our day to day life. Some fail us and some help us. That some people fail you doesn’t mean every other person will. So you see that it will be absolutely wrong to draw a conclusion about a matter based solely on your personal experience.

Marriage can be so interesting and full of hopes when the mother of your spouse is a good one. That’s the dream of everybody venturing into marriage especially for the ladies. Many ladies always believe marriage will be so comforting if they ever get married to a man whose mother is kind and will be willing to respect and give them privacy. A kind mother in-law will always foster peace and love in the home of their child, help nurture and mentor the marriage to maturity without any direct interference. How sweet it is for ladies most especially to know that the mother of their spouse has no troubles kept for their son’s wife.

On the other hand however, many young people aspiring to get married have dreaded marriage because of the fear of meeting a terrible mother in law. And if you have ever seen one, you too will sure never pray to meet one. Some of them become bitter and resentful to the spouse of their children because they think the fellow isn’t good enough for their child.

But into whichever category you find yourself with the mother in-laws. Just don’t forget to heed the counsel of Peter the Apostle which he gave to the husbands in living with their wives. To live with them according to knowledge. 1Peter 3:7. (Paraphrased).

Heeding this advice will help anyone live successfully with any category of mother in-law you come across.

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